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Electric Power Package(EPP)

Aiming to provide the state-of-the-art solution for marine & offshore

Electric Power Generation & Propulsion Package
We supply electric propulsion system and power equipment used for ships as a package based on technology and experience accumulated through shipbuilding operations. In addition, engineering and analysis of power line and project management service are supplied together.


  • Study for reliable analysis of power system and basic and detailed engineering
    (calculation of short-circuit current, interpretation of harmonic wave, interpretation of power flow, calculation of ground fault current, etc.)
  • FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) for power system


  • Optimized purchase compatible with special requirements of project
  • Partnership with various subcontractors enabling ideal purchase
  • Innovative contract management and control process solution

Project Management

  • Program-based project management and schedule management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Risk management
This image shows configuration of the main power equipment in a ship.  It shows supply scope of the electric power generation & propulsion package in the order of generator(power generation), high/low distribution board(providing power distribution, and controlling, monitoring and protection of the system), transformer(supplying power to loads in a ship after lowering voltage), drive(modulating speed of motor through frequency modulation), and propulsion or thruster motor(motor for propulsion or maneuvering purpose) from the upper right to the bottom left.