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Distribution Board· RECT

Aiming to provide the state-of-the-art solution for marine & offshore

SAMSUNG Power Solution is supplying panel boards for ship power system based on advanced technology and experience.

This panel board, which passed the test in accordance with IEC Pub. 61439, was developed especially to be used in ship environment. It is supplied by compact size and at competitive price compared to other companies’ products.


The right image is the overall figure of the panel board(RECT) self-developed by Samsung. The image shows both the side and front views of the panel board, and the model name, Samsung logo and hand rails can be identified from the front view.

  • Wall-fixed type and floor-installed type
  • Passed the test in accordance with IEC Pub. 61439
  • Optimized size adjustable to loads
  • Competitive price
  • Structure with easy maintenance
  • Satisfying requirements of various classification society
  • Provision of global quality service


Distribution panel
  Item Specification
Application Features Correspondence Standard IEC 61439
Rated Voltage 690V AC
Rating Rated Insulation Voltage 800V AC
Rated Full Wave Impulse Withstand Voltage 8kV
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Short Time Withstand Current 25kA /1sec
Composition Rated Peak Withstand Current 52.5kAp
Type Wall-fixed type, Floor-installed type
Protection IP44
Internal bulkhead 2b
Access Front
Wire interfix bottom