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  • 2000year~after
  • 2000year before
  • 2014

    • 11Delivered EN-Saver (ship energy efficiency management system) to the first ship (9,300-TEU container)
    • 09Won the order to supply PURIMAR™ BWMS (Ballast Water Management System) for 200 vessels
    • 08Renamed as Power & Control Systems Division
    • 01Launched the development of ship motor drive
  • 2013

    • 08Won the order for the initial supply of SSAS-Master, the automation system for LNG carriers
    • 07Implemented the S-ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) system
    • 02OHSAS18001 certified
  • 2012

    • 11Nomination of the PR Boat of the Inchon Port Authority as the “Green Technology of the Year”
    • 10Wind Farm Runtime Forecasting and Control System: nomination as a national strategic program
    • 09Completion of development and IEG Test of distribution panel Model RECT
    • 08First award of outside order (ordering entity/ship type: STX Dalian Shipyard/207K Bulk Carrier)
    • 06Built the 2nd factory in the Chilseo area
    • 05

      Development of high voltage electric power converting device : nomination as a national strategic program

    • 03Obtainment of final certification of IMO for Neo PURIMAR (U.S. Type BWMS)/63rd MEPC
    • 02Won the order for the initial supply of FSRU LNG regasification control system
    • 01Shipment of 1000th automatic system SSAS

      Won the order to remodel LNG IAS

  • 2011

    • 12IR52 Jang Young-Sil Award (SSAS-SSGS, Anti-piracy System) received

      Completed the development of SEMS (ship route optimization system)

    • 10PURIMAR™ BWMS - Type Approval by Korea Administration acquired
    • 07PURIMAR™ BWMS - Final Approval by IMO in MEPC 62nd meeting
    • 01Business Division’s name to Power & Control Systems Division changed
  • 2010

    • 11Samsung Ship Surveillance and Guard's System launched
    • 10Won the order for the initial supply of BWMS (Ballast Water Management System) for the existing vessels
    • 09The development of e-Navigator & VPS completed and the MCA approval certification obtained

      The development of SAMSUNG integrated IT solution (TV, Clock, Phone, CCTV, etc.)
      and the approval certification completed

      LOI with 3 Brazilian shipyards (Hesipi EAS, Avantia and Transpetro) concluded

    • 03Won the contract to deliver 1,000 automation systems
  • 2009

    • 12

      The world’s first international vessel safety standard ISO 17894 certification for SSAS-Master (IAS)(and for the entire process of IAS development and design) obtained

      The first KG certification for ECDIS in Korea acquired

    • 09The development of MFS, XailorStar, and Integrated Navigation System (INS)for vessels completed

      The first MED approval certification for RADAR in Korea obtained

    • 06Won the contract to deliver 1,000 ship switchboards
  • 2008

    • 09

      The development of SSAS-Master,an integrated automation system (IAS)for special-purpose vessels completed : KR/ABS/DNV/GL/LR

  • 2007

    • 12Built the 1st factory in the Chilseo area
    • 10iF (international Forum) Product Design awarded - SSAS-Master (IAS), XailorStar (IAS), etc
    • 05KIDP Good Design Marks acquired - SSAS-Master (IAS), XailorStar (IAS), etc.
    • 02SSAS-Master (IAS)’s Hardware Development completed
  • 2006

    • 11XailorStar INS Console’s New Model Design completed
    • 10Shanghai China Office for Chinese Market established
    • 02Medium Voltage Switchboard [SSMV-7] developed
  • 2004

    • 06New Release of Ship Automation System - SSAS-Pro
  • 2003

    • 11ISO 9001 & 2000 Certificates acquired
  • 2002

    • 07VDR orders received [Raytheon (Germany), TOKIMEC (Japan), TELEMAR (Italy)]
    • 01Digital Business Team Reorganization
  • 2001

    • 01SVDR (SAMSUNG Voyage Data Recorder) Development completed
  • 2000

    • 11Human Tech Plaza opened