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S-FuGaS is a system for using liquefied natural gas(LNG)as the ship fuel.
S-FuGaS is composed of the tank for storing extremely low temperature LNG and the system supplying NG at the temperature and pressure required by engines by vaporizing LNG.
The supplying pressure of Natural gas delivery pressure depends on the specifications of the main engines.
  • S-FuGaS: LNG Fuel Gas Storage & Supply System, Trade Mark of Samsung Heavy Industries
  • LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas
  • NG: Natural Gas

System Configuration

The image at the left side of the above image shows LNG fuel tank, and LNG is filled through the LNG filling line.  Inside the space of tank room are installed a low pressure solution supplying 5~6 barg pressure NG and a high pressure solution supplying 250~300 barg pressure NG .  The open space of the tank room needs ventilation 30 times an hour, where safety devices such as gas detector and fire detector are installed.

Install Location of FuGaS system

The FuGaS system is broadly divided into two compositions where one is installed on the ship deck and another is installed inside the ship.