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Regasification system S-REGAS

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The Regasification System

The Regasification System is a cryogenic and high pressure process package which is provided for the LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas) Terminal and LNG FSRU(Floating Storage Regasification Unit). The total system package of process equipment and control system will be a most effective and safety solution for this LNG processing unit

System Layout

This image is the layout of regasification system arranged on the top side of LNG FSRU. The picture on the upper left shows the location the regasification system is installed in LNG FSRU, and the picture on the bottom left is a 3D drawing of high pressure pump and vaporizer which are the main equipment of regasification system. The picture on the right is a 3D drawing of seawater system connected to the vaporizer.  This vaporizer is a shell & tube type vaporizer which makes natural gas with LNG and seawater by heat exchange, and the seawater system is configured to send seawater flown through the sea chest at the bottom of the ship to the vaporizer on the top part using a pump.

System Diagram

This image is the total configuration of the regasification system. LNG at -160oC coming up from the cargo tank of LNG FSRU is stored in recondenser first and pressurized at about 100 bar by the high pressure pump, and becomes 5oC natural gas(NG) after passing through the vaporizer.  And the volume to be sent to on-shore is measured through metering and sent to on-shore through the high pressure manifold.  The recondenser here may also plays the role to  reliquefy BOG(boil-off gas) generated in the cargo tank by mixing with cold LNG.

Regasification system is basically composed of LNG HP booster pump for pressurizing and LNG/SW heat exchanger for vaporizing LNG to NG. The capacity and number of system will be determined by required regasification terminal capacity.