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Aiming to provide the state-of-the-art solution for marine & offshore

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System Introduction

SHI has developed SSAS Master its accumulatesd knowledge and experience with ship-building, LNG and special ships.
SSAS Master meets the customer's needs with reliable, powerful and proven system performance, efficient operation and easy maintenance.

SSAS Master is so innovatively designed with dual system from the high-leveled workstation to the low-leveled I/O Card that has no trouble with monitoring and controlling whatever is occurring in spite of any tiny disorder. It is all adjusted for luxuious large vessels which need high reliability like LNGC Tanker, FPSO, Container, RORO, Bulk Carrier and Cruses.

This image shows the system configuration of SSAS-MASTER.  From the bottom of the image, it is shown that the I/O bus is duplexed and the field interface supports CAN, profibus and fieldbus.  Also, duplexed ethernet is used between PCU, the field station controller, and operating station(OPS) and its speed is 100Mbps.  In addition, this is the total system configuration which shows that the net environment of the system can be protected from data transmission towards outside and invasion of virus from outside, etc. by installing a Gateway station(GWS) for outside PCs and display panels for just monitoring purpose, and data transmission via satellite.