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System Introduction

The SSAS Pro Products are next-generation control systems to meet all our customers' needs in the rapidly changing maritime environment.
The outstanding performance of the SSAS Pro products makes it a system widely applicable to all marine projects from AMS (Alarm Monitoring System) to ICMS(Integrated Control & Monitoring System) and PMS (Power Management System).
The SSAS Pro uses the most capable software, renowned for their performance and reliability. Our systems are filled to various vessels such as oil and gas tanker, bulk carrier, passenger, container and Ro-Ro vessels, reefers and other special purpose vessels
This is the system configuration of SSAS-Pro.   The system is basically composed of work station(PC) and system cabinet, and it is shown that separate I/O cards can be installed in the local cabinet.  It is also shown that all the networks are duplexed, and the work station can see the images of CCTV for any place where CCTV camera is additionally connected to the work station.  It is also shown that RAU, an extension alarm system, is installed in the engineer cabin and public space as is connected to the system cabinet.