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Aiming to provide the state-of-the-art solution for marine & offshore

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SSAS Marine Advanced Process Solution
Optimized total process solution that integrates a wide range of marine systems based on Samsung's advanced technologies
This image shows the concept and advantages of MAPS.  While there have to be many contact points and a lot of expenses and time spent in management, etc. as automation-related equipment such as AMS, BMS, TANK LEVEL, VRCS, and CCTV should be individually examined from the basic design, which is the examination stage of SPCC, till purchase, detail design and test run, and selection of their makers, purchases and inspections also have to be done respectively, the diagram shows that MAPS provides convenience in management and time saving because of a single contact point and by supplying qualified equipment. This image lists systems suppliable by MAPS.  The image shows that MAPS can supply as a package VRCS, BMS, TLGS, remote sounding, CCTV, and floating dock solution with ICMS as the basis. This image shows other advantages of MAPS.  The image shows that VPS can be easily produced using already integrated data and users can see the data in ships with the same configuration of the ships in their on-shore offices, as most of the ship data can be integrated through MAPS.